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Much work goes into making the celebration of Mass joyful and reverent. If you would like to serve the Lord and others in this way, there are plenty of opportunities.

Lectors (Readers)
Lectors proclaim the Word of God by reading the biblical readings at Mass. They are assigned to read every few weeks.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
These ministers assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion at Mass, as well to the sick. (They are called “extraordinary” ministers because the priest and deacon are understood to be the “ordinary” or primary ministers of Holy Communion in the Church.) Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion serve at Sunday Mass every few weeks.

Altar Servers
Altar servers assist the priest with the various sacred vessels and books that are used at Mass. Children (boys or girls) must have received Baptism and First Holy Communion, and must regularly attend Sunday Mass and religious education classes.

These ministers prepare the liturgical books, along with the sacred vessels and vestments, used in the celebration of Mass (both on Sunday and during the week). They also maintain the inventory of liturgical supplies. Sacristans cooperate with the Arts and Environment Committee to ensure that the church is clean and beautiful.

Lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, adult altar servers, and sacristans must be fully initiated and practicing Catholics. This means that they have received Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion; that they practice their faith; and, that if married, that they be in a marriage recognized by the Catholic Church. The Diocese of Richmond requires that all volunteers who regularly work with vulnerable persons complete the VIRTUS sexual-abuse-prevention course, as well as undergo a background screening. These measures are meant to ensure the safety of those potentially at risk.

Sacred Linens
These parishioners launder the sacred linens used in the celebration of Mass. The commitment is to pick up and return the linens in a timely manner about once bi-monthly.

Arts and Environment Committee
This committee is responsible for adorning the church, particularly the sanctuary, according to approved liturgical norms. Extensive decoration takes place at Christmas, Easter, and on other special occasions. The committee also organizes and facilitates the donation of flowers, ensuring that they are properly placed and cared for in the church.

These liturgical ministers encourage reverent and active participation in Mass by leading the people in sacred song. There is a choir for the 9:30am Mass.